Professional Support and Training

Locum CEO

Occasionally a Board will part ways with its CEO in unexpected circumstances and there may not be a suitable internal candidate to act in the CEO position whilst the new CEO is recruited. This can be preceded by a period of instability for the company and the Board may wish to get a clear idea of “where the company is at” to inform the recruitment and briefing of the new CEO.

Real Options provides a CEO Locum service for up to 3 months in these circumstances. The locum is provided by a replacement CEO with 25 years’ management and leadership experience.


Our locum service includes:

  • Assess the capabilities of the senior team
  • Engage with key stakeholders and clients to ensure continued service delivery
  • Review the organisation’s financial position
  • Review contract performance
  • Deal with any residual HR issues
  • Ensure the continuation of business decision making
  • Assist with the recruitment of the new CEO
  • Provide a detailed briefing paper to the Board and the incoming CEO about the issues faced by the business and any recommendations for improvement


Some examples:

  • Locum CEO, Logan and Redlands Regional Development Australia
  • Locum Director, Islamic Women’s Association of Queensland

Real Options has performed this service for a number of agencies, old and new where the incumbent CEO is on leave for a a month or more where there is no one suitable within the organisation to back fill.


Training and skills Development

Ms Casey has a certificate IV in Training and Workplace Assessment and has prepared and implemented a number of training sessions and workshops, customised for organisations or sectors including:

  • Team Building for organisations
  • Management Committee induction training
  • Foster Carer Advocacy Support Team (FAST) Training
  • Grant Writing Workshops
  • Sponsorship workshops for Sporting Clubs and community organisations
  • Governance training  for sport and recreation organisations
  • Financial management and Fraud management Training workshops


Support for Professionals

Real Options also assists managers, corporate and professional staff to further improve their skills and/or career opportunities through provision of the following services:

  • Professional Supervision
  • Joint participation in Performance Management Reviews of CEOs
  • Preparation of Job applications and Resume’s
  • Applications for professional Board/committee memberships